Introduction to Emdad Emdad is an INDIAN (WARANGAL) based Social Welfare Committee (established in 2015) offering  100% Interest-Free Loans.   Emdad is a community-based initiative that is committed to empowering individuals to eradicate  interest. We have been providing help to those in financial hardships or in debt poverty. Many people  struggle financially to make ends meet. The Interest Free loans we offer are free of interest and we  provide a lifeline to those who are struggling. Be part of this great initiative so we can collectively help  rebuild a financial system which is based on justice, morality and ethical principles.  Mission We aim to offer a real, viable and sustainable solution to interest-based loans. Islam teaches us to  distribute wealth fairly. The hoarding of wealth in Islam is disliked and INTEREST perpetuates the  misery of millions.   © EMDAD Committee 2015. All rights reserved.