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We deeply saddened to inform you all of the loss of our brother  Shaik Afroz Sharif (S/O Shaik Ahmed Sharif), he will be truly  missed, we request you all to include him in the prayers.  Emdad Committee gave Shaikh Afroz Sharif an interest free loan  of RS 50,000/- on 2nd October 2015 and it was guaranteed by  Jameel Bhai, a resident of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.  Pursuant to the Emdad Committee policy (Refer Q & A No. 5),  Emdad Committee will refrain from claiming the balance  outstanding loan amount from the guarantor of the deceased  person.  Hence, we inform you all that as our brother is no longer and has  departed from this world, we waive our claim in this respect and  will record this interest free loan of RS 50,000/- as irrecoverable  as bad debts.   admin@emdad.in